Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Wikipedia explains Catholic Action as "Catholic Action was the name of many groups of lay Catholics who were attempting to encourage a Catholic influence on society." It is also the registered name of several organizations in countries like Italy, Chile, USA, Argentina, etc. As far as I understand, there is no group operating by that name in India.
As stated in my profile, I am an active follower of theopolitics and regularly visits the websites of organizations and communities that are active in the field. One fact of which I was both surprised and unsettled was that there were no websites dedicated for the Christian community in India or more specifically, the Catholic community of India. Of course, there are numerous websites propounding the Truth, but none that stressed on the challenges and opportunities faced by the Christian society in India. But as a an interested observer, I used to participate in the discussions on websites that were catering to other communities. And one consistent pattern across these sites were the fact that once the discussions reaches its peak, and the members of that site could no longer cover away from the light of facts, the administrators would use their super weapon - block your further comments on the topic. And then the members would do a little dance and vilify you saying you are a coward and ran away from the discussion.
After this happened quite a few times, I decided to stop responding on their websites. My opinions cannot be held at the mercy of bigoted administrators. And this website, Catholic Action : India is my response.

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