Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What to expect from this blog

The role of this blog is that of a vigilant observer to the Catholic community. To discuss on the opportunities we have. To warn about creeping threats. To share common goals. To encourage spiritual growth. To help each other in our journey on this blue planet.

That being said, when this young blog starts its journey here, I would like to list some of its attributes here. Like all organizations, the list will evolve as it grows.

We stand for:
1. The interweaving of Christian faith and society.
2. The separation of Government and Religion.
3. Revitalising the Church from within.
4. Calling all Catholics to holiness.
5. Strengthening of families
6. Raising awareness among the Catholic community.

Pet peeves:
1. Call to unrestrained sexuality.
2. Hindutva
3. Islamic fundamentalism
4.Unbridled secularism.
5. Corruption.
6. Lies.

I guess from the above list, you can put us somewhere on the central - right of the political spectrum. It means we are not going to shout for some one's head, but yes we will take care of ourselves, thank you.

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