Wednesday, May 5, 2010

POST THIS, New York Times!

Enough of the sex abuse scandal by priests has been discussed by the world press. Even when incidents cropped up all over the developed world, the Catholic Church in India stood as a beacon of light with no such kind of accusations. But the the Indian Church didn't stop at that. It understands that corruption is an evil, and that in the absence of adequate checks and balances it's tentacles will creep into every nook and corner. It understands that corruption, like a maggot that thrives on the dead fleash in the darkness, should be fought with light. And hence drawing upon the talent of the Church to renew itself to the changing world, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India has framed a new code to deal with sexual abuse by priests.

Under the proposed guidelines, Church authorities would report all suspected cases of sexual abuse to police and the accused would face charges in court. But that apart, any clergy member accused of sexual abuse would be suspended from all priestly duties, and in extreme cases, the Church would consider defrocking the priest. These guidelines are expected to be in force from June.

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