Sunday, May 16, 2010

VHP opposes caste in census

Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Friday opposed caste-based census, saying it would add to discrimination and strengthen casteist tendencies in society.
“There should not be caste based discrimination. There was
no caste based census after 1931, why should the government
revive it now?” VHP leader Pravin Togadia asked while talking to reporters in Madurai.
He also opposed any move to provide reservation for Muslims and Christians saying it was unconstitutional, reported news agency Press Trust of India.
Constitution did not provide for religion based quota and VHP would mobilise students, unemployed youths and caste associations for launching a countrywide movement against attempts to provide reservation to minorities, he said.
VHP would not allow the existing reservation to be ’snatched’ for providing quota to minorites. “We have charted out an action plan to counter the government move,” he said.
On demands for reservation for Christian Dalits, he said “Let Christians admit openly to the international community that caste system and discrimination existed.”
Some Christian leaders last week welcomed a government decision to include caste in the national census, saying it will help poor people enjoy state benefits.
Catholic lay leaders say enumerating the caste and economic status of Christians and Muslims will help show how dalit (former “untouchables”) suffer social and economic poverty.

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