Friday, May 21, 2010

Church leaders welcome probe in Muslim’s killing

Church leaders in West Bengal, eastern India, have hailed a court order for a federal probe into the death of a Muslim, allegedly murdered by his Hindu father-in-law.
The Calcutta High Court May 18 concluded that the death of Rizwanur Rahman was a case of murder and ordered the federal Criminal Bureau of Investigations to re-investigate it.
The order came after state police investigations produced little result.
The body of Rahman, who married Priyanka Todi, daughter of industrialist Ashok Todi, was found on rail tracks near the city on Sept. 21, 2007. He was 30. It was considered a suicide initially.
However, family members said Todi had arranged to kill Rahman as the businessman was against the marriage of his daughter to a low-income Muslim.
The investigation will bring the “truth to light” said Sister Gracy Sundar, provincial superior of the Holy Cross of Chavanod congregation. She said the court order is a “positive move” as only “an impartial inquiry can reveal the truth.”
“Up to this juncture, justice has not been done for Rahman,” said Father Mathai L. Badabet, editor of the Calcutta archdiocesan weekly, The Herald. “There is a chance for truth to see the light of day only if there is no political interference.”
However, Jesuit Father M. S. Arockiasamy, prefect of St. Xavier’s High School at Durgapur, said it is wrong to conclude that Rahman was murdered by his father-in-law unless investigations prove it.
Rahman was a student of the Jesuit-run St Xavier’s College and worked as a computer graphics trainer. He married Priyanka on Aug. 18, 2007.
A three-day candle-light vigil was held in front of the Jesuit college in the city from Sept. 28, 2007, protesting against police and state apathy in the investigations.

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