Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Church denies allegations by Hindu leader.

The Catholic Church in Karnataka have denied allegations that Christian missioners in the state exposed sex scandals of a Hindu godman.
“It is false and malicious propaganda,” said Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore.
The archbishop termed the allegations as provocative, insinuating and derogatory against the Christian community.
He said the allegations are “aimed at creating discord, communal disharmony and disunity in society and to malign the community.”
The Church reaction came after a Hindu extremist group Sri Ram Sene alleged that the Christian missioners were behind maligning the name of Hindu godman swamy Paramahamsa Nithyanand (33).
Nithyanand was arrested from Himachal Pradesh by police April 21 in connection with sex scandals exposed by some television channels through sting operations. He was released on bail on June 13.
Pramod Muthalik, Chief of the Hindu group, visited Nithyananda in his Ashram and said that Christian missioners conspire to malign his name.
“Missionaries have long been trying to sully Hindu temples and seer. Sri Rama Sene condemns such lobbies and will continue to fight for the survival and growth of Hindutva,” he said.
Muthalik has been at the centre of controversy for his alleged involvements in the attacks against churches and Christianmissionaries in Karnataka.

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