Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Protestant churches come up with anti-abortion campaign

The protestant churches of England have come up with an anti-abortion poster campaign showing ‘baby Jesus in the Virgin Mary’s womb’.
The campaign displays a scan of baby Jesus in the womb with a halo over the baby’s head.
The posters will feature on billboards over Chistmas, saying “He’s on his way. Christmas starts with Christ”.
The poster has been created by advertising executives from the Church of England, Methodist, United Reformed and Baptist Churches and the baby in the adverts is a composite made up of many baby scans.
The posters will appear only close to Christmas, but will be available for purchase online, news agency IANS reported.
Francis Goodwin, a founder member of, said “Our poster reflects this new way of announcing the news of a new arrival and places the birth of Christ in an ultra-contemporary context. It offers a fresh perspective on the birth of Christ - creating anticipation and alluding to both His humanity and divinity”.
The ChurchAds.Net, previously known as the Churches Advertising Network (CAN), is behind the campaign. It is an ecumenical network operating with a council of reference which includes two bishops and leaders from across the church denominations. The Roman Catholic Church is not part of this body.
The anti-abortion poster comes just a month after Marie Stopes International, a charity that carries out about 65,000 terminations a year at its British clinics, launched a controversial advertisement offering abortion services.
The number of abortions in Britain has risen steadily since the Abortion Act in 1967 to 195,296 officially recorded abortions in 2008. Currently, it is estimated that about one in three women will have an abortion.

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