Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Protest rally against anti-cattle slaughter bill

The Popular Front of India along with various Christian and Muslim organizations took out a protest rally against the anti-cattle slaughter bill in Karnataka.
The state government on March 19 passed the bill, making slaughter of all forms of cattle including buffaloes a punishable crime. The bill also prohibits the sale, use and possession of beef and puts restrictions on the transport of cattle.
However, the bill needs state governor H R Bhardwaj’s signature to become law.
Some Christians have earlier appealed to the governor not to sign the bill.
Raj Shekhar, noted Kannada thinker and author, who also took part in the rally, said the law will not only effect the Muslims and Christians alone, but it will also affect the Hindus as most of them eat meat as their daily food.
He said that the implementation of the bill will not only affect the consumers of the beef but will also have a serious impact on its traders and breeders of cattle.
Niamath Iqbal of Muslim United Front said that the campaigning against the anti-cattle slaughter law is going on since a year and has support of as much as 180 major organizations of the state.
The protesters shouted slogans against the state government and demanded the withdrawal of the bill.

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