Thursday, June 17, 2010

Young Jesuits inspired by Afghan mission

Three young Indian Jesuits seminarians are all set to proceed to war-ravaged Afghanistan on a mission to provide education to the people there and make their religious commitment more meaningful.
David Raj, 28, Lancy Dias, 27, and Alex Yagoo, 28, volunteered to work in Afghanistan to recapture their congregation’s original spirit of going to new and dangerous places to spread Christ’s message.
Dias will go to Herat, Raj will go either to Herat or Kabul, while Yagoo will go to Bamiyan, where Jesuits have been working for the past five years.
The three, who come from the Karnataka, Hazaribagh and Madurai Jesuit provinces, will leave for Afghanistan June 18.
“I am excited about going there because first we are going to help a country which is facing lots of challenges and problems, and second, there is personal satisfaction that we are going to do something that gives meaning to our vocation,” Raj said.
Religious life is very secure in India and “I want to face some challenges as otherwise there is no point in choosing this life,” he said.
The Jesuits said that they are not afraid of going to a county where there is threat to life, especially for the Indians.
“I have heard from returning Jesuits that common people there are very good to Indians. If we go with prejudices, it will be difficult for us to remain there. All through our formation, we are fed with ideas about taking challenges, risky missions,” Dias said.

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