Monday, June 14, 2010

Naga groups pledge to end their differences

Naga tribal groups in northeastern India have resolved to work together for unity and a negotiated settlement of their problems.
The resolution was formally adopted at a joint meeting of political leaders, women’s and students’ groups, churches, human rights activists and overseas associations on June 9.
The meeting appealed to the various groups to refrain from airing their views through the media, as it can hinder the reconciliation effort. The appeal was made since a series of accusations and counter accusations have appeared in newspapers.
The groups agreed to set up a joint think-tank team to look for ways to solve disputes. They also vowed to encourage people to talk at grass roots level with their neighbors, in the effort to bring peace to their locality.
At the same time, the Indian federal government has re-opened talks with the National Socialist Council of Nagalim, an influential Naga group. “We do not know where the talks are leading, but we want transparency and we want all parties to be involved,” said Reverend V.K. Nuh, a Baptist pastor with the Forum for Naga Reconciliation.
“We support anyone who works for peace and solution. We do not want the violence and problems to prolong,” added Father N. Carolus Koutsu, vicar general of Kohima.

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