Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mob stoning deaths shock southern India

A mob has stoned to death a couple in an honor killing in Andhra Pradesh, to the shock of local Church leaders.
The murdered couple married disregarding caste restrictions.
“It is a horrible incident,” said Anthoniraj Thumma, the executive secretary of the ecumenical Andhra Pradesh Federation of Churches.
Media reports indicated that this was the first incident of honor killing in southern India, a practice prevalent in northern Indian states.
Sunkari Srinivas, 28, and Baddam Swapna Reddy, 22, from a village in Andhra Pradesh got married three months ago.
Reddy, the wife, was from an upper caste family while Srinivas hailed from a dalit (former untouchable) caste.
The couple started living in Hyderabad, the state capital, fearing their parents would not accept their marriage. However, the couple returned to the village on May 26 to convince Reddy’s family to accept their marriage.
Her family was angry that she had married a person from a lower caste and they went to Srinivas’ house and attacked the couple. About 30 people tied them to a pole and threw stones, killing them eventually.
“No one has the right to kill another human being,” Father Thumma said and pointed out that India is a democratic country that has outlawed caste discrimination.

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