Tuesday, June 1, 2010

St. Stephen’s reduces Christian seats

Delhi’s most sought after St. Stephen’s College will have more seats in general category this year as it has reduced the “merit gap” allowed for Christian students.
Last year, Christian candidates with 60 percent marks were eligible for admission. The norm now has been changed to 15 percent less than the general cut-off in each stream.
If the cut-off for a course is set 95 percent, Christian candidates with minimum 80 percent marks will be eligible for that course. The merit gap between general and Christian students was as high as 35 percent some cases last year.
Reducing the “merit gap” for Christian students will lower the number of Christian admissions and leave in the British era college, known for its arts departments.
Principal Reverend Valson Thampu revealed the new admission guidelines on Tuesday, the Times of India reported. Protestant Church of North India manages the college.
This year’s admission guidelines also make a significant change that allows vacant minority seats to go to general category. The guidelines say “up to” 50 percent seats will be reserved for Christians. Last year, the quota was set at 50 percent.
In another rule change, unfilled seats in the 3 percent physically handicapped (PH) category among Christians will also be shifted to the general PH category. Last year these vacant seats were shifted to the SC and ST categories.
The new admission guidelines were adopted at the supreme council meeting on May 26, in which the college decided to stick to admission norms practiced before 2008 — during the tenure of former principal Anil Wilson.
Teachers have welcomed the new guidelines. Many of them had been complaining about the merit gap widening in the classroom as a result of the admission policy of the past couple of years.

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