Sunday, June 20, 2010

Closing up for Renewal

Dear All,

In my prayers over the past few days, I have had a breakthrough of massive proportions. To most of you who have come across this blog, it might not sound impressive or innovative at all; nevertheless, for me it has been life altering. In my blog, in my various comments in both friendly and hostile blogs, in my readings on the subject... everywhere I have been focused on the earthly state of affairs. I have focussed on which religious extremists are bombing where, which demographics are immigrating to Christian nations, who is building what.. I have been streessing on what I thought were the most important things of the world. I have been so focused on these that I had lost myself to the Truth. The strength of Christians are not the GDP of Western nations or the educational institutions across the world or the grand Churches in all the countries. At the surface, yes, all these seem to be what makes up Christianity and over the ages this worldly aspect of Christianity has come to shadow the spiritual facet. And I too had succumbed to this mistake.

The strength of Christianity is the Jesus. And the key to that strength is Prayer.

Upon this revealation I understood that that if I was to serve God through His Church, then I smust renew myself. Even while I championed the cause of Christianity in blogosphere, I was dead to sin. I was guilty of the cardinal sins of Pride, Envy, Lust, Covetousness etc... I was living in sin and holding on to the earthly side of Christianity, forgetting all about the spiritual side. I was holding on to the earthly Church while letting go the God for whom it was built. I understand my mistake now, and have decided to come back to this webpage only after I have renewed myself. Thank you all for your support. Keep praying, and may God bless you.

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